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Energy costs are the largest operating expense for schools after salaries and benefits, and in recent years those costs have increasingly strained budgets. The good news is that energy is one of the few expenses that can be decreased without negatively affecting classroom instruction. With the cost to maintain and improve educational facilities increasing, schools need to invest in retrofits and ongoing maintenance to assert control over their utility costs.

Benefits of deep energy retrofits include:

  • Upgrading HVAC systems reduces air pollutants and improves air quality
  • New high performance technologies allow campuses to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • New efficient HVAC, controls and lighting can bring a 30% to 50% reduction in energy use for more energy efficient schools, in turn reducing operating costs by up to 15%.
  • Upgrading outdated systems through a deep energy retrofit improves building’s health & safety and enhances the school’s appeal to prospective students.

RENEW’s full-service, turnkey solution enables campuses to realize immediate savings and make facility improvements without the need for upfront capital or capital budget requests, and without adding debt to the balance sheet.

Additionally, RENEW provides expertise in energy efficiency, project management, implementation and funding to support your facilities’ team. Projects include lighting, HVAC, water conservation, on-site clean energy, electrical equipment, energy storage systems, and more.

Our process to deliver you savings:

  • Assess building, identify needed improvements, estimate annual energy savings, and develop an Energy Service Agreement (ESA).
  • Complete improvements quickly through energy service partners.
  • We own, monitor, maintain, and optimize equipment to ensure energy savings are met.

Why Retrofit Your School Building?

Situation:  School’s 22,000 sq. ft. science building has annual energy costs of $253,000. Significant internal demands on campus’ scarce capital prevented investment in needed infrastructure upgrades to save energy costs.

RENEW proposed a unique approach: RENEW will identify, design, construct, own, maintain and fund the necessary improvements and will sell the realized energy savings directly to the school at a discount to their current energy rates. The school pays, at a discount, only for the energy actually saved. With this unique energy finance solution, there are no upfront capital costs and the school can immediately begin reducing its energy expenses. This innovative approach is far superior to the “do nothing” option. Consider the following:


If school defers action for 2 years, additional energy costs will be $263,000+. Net present value of savings for a project built in 2 years (8% discount rate) is $25,000 less than NPV of doing it now with RENEW.


RENEW invests $376,000 in ventilation system upgrades. School pays RENEW out of the energy cost savings with no upfront capital investment. Client sees immediate energy cost reduction of $56,000 per year on average. Net present value of energy cost savings over 10 years (8% discount rate) is $351,000.

Learn how we can help you with your energy efficiency replacements and upgrades.

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