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According to the Department of Energy, the annual cost of energy in the healthcare sector exceeds $5 billion and is equivalent to 836 trillion BTUs of primary energy. Hospitals are increasingly consuming larger amounts of energy compared to other commercial buildings and in an era of tightening health care budgets, healthcare facilities cannot afford to waste energy and lose money.

Hospital operators can no longer ignore inefficient equipment and systems. By implementing energy conservation measures and retrofitting aged healthcare facilities with energy efficient systems the energy consumption trend can be remedied. Benefits of energy efficiency retrofits include:

  • Energy efficiency projects can help large hospital across the US reduce energy consumption as much as 50% (Source: 2010 National Renewable Energy Laboratory study).
  • Retrofits help hospitals address new regulatory requirements that call for enhanced levels of patient safety.
  • Upgrading HVAC systems reduces air pollutants and improves air quality — particularly important for healthcare facilities where patients spend all their time indoors.
  • New high performance technologies allow healthcare facilities to also improve healthcare delivery, cut cost, and reduce overall pollution.

We work with operators of hospitals and other large healthcare facilities to increase their competitive advantage and implement deep energy retrofits. Renew helps you select the most appropriate energy finance solutions and project development options to reduce energy bills and improve conditions for patients, without the need for upfront capital. Renew assists with:

  • Managing and funding 100% of the project from start to finish including assessment, design, equipment, installation, and maintenance costs
  • A turnkey solution that enables you to realize immediate savings and make facility improvements without the need for upfront capital, and without adding debt to the balance sheet
  • Balancing the dynamics of the deep energy retrofit process with highly specialized management skills to find ways to control and reduce costs, without any reduction in your facility’s service or quality
  • Upgrading outdated energy systems to improve your building’s health & safety levels and enhance the value of your property

Learn how we can help you with your energy efficiency replacements and upgrades.

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