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A deep energy retrofit for your manufacturing facility is an investment you can’t afford to delay. The U.S. industrial sector accounts for approximately 31% of all energy consumption, much of it used by manufacturing facilities (Source:

With deep energy retrofits driven by energy efficiency consulting, you can reduce the frequency and cost of required maintenance, reduce your facility’s energy use, allow existing energy systems to operate less frequently, and utilize newer, smaller-scale systems that are “right-sized” for your facility. Efficient buildings ultimately incur lower operating expenses (Source: Carbon War Room).

Manufacturers can take advantage of new energy finance solutions to reduce overall energy consumption and increase productivity and profitability without deploying capital upfront. Benefits of deep energy retrofits include:

  • Upgraded systems and new technologies allow manufacturing facilities to reduce pollution, improve productivity, and decrease operating expenses.
  • Retrofits help facility owners address new regulatory requirements that call for greener, clean energy generation systems.
  • New efficient HVAC systems, controls, boilers, building shells, and lighting can bring a 30% to 50% reduction in energy use.

Every building has a unique starting position that must be fully assessed to determine the best course of action for implementing energy efficiency systems carefully designed for each customer’s unique needs. The process should be integrated and progress from benchmarking to auditing, to implementation, and finally to capital upgrades. RENEW works with you in a comprehensive, energy efficiency consulting role to determine the best energy finance solutions for achieving successful results. RENEW assists you with:

  • Assessing building energy consumption, estimating annual savings, and determining the most applicable energy finance solution.
  • Managing and funding 100% of improvements to outdated HVAC systems, artificial and natural lighting, uninsulated boilers, inefficient building shells, and upgrades to clean energy generation systems (solar and CHP which combines heat and power).
  • Continually monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing equipment to ensure energy savings are met.
  • Energy efficiency consulting, project management and implementation, and energy finance solutions that minimize work disruptions and accelerate retrofit execution.

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