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According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), a typical office building spends an average of $1.51 per square foot on energy — $.32 more than the national average for commercial buildings.  Deep energy retrofits offer big savings in energy consumption for office building owners.

As a building owner you can no longer afford to ignore outdated and inefficient systems. Deep energy retrofits save energy, save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve tenant comfort and retention. Benefits of deep energy retrofits for office buildings include:

  • Optimized building performance reduces energy consumption by 30% to 50%.
  • Improved occupant comfort, primarily related to ventilation, temperature, and lighting, which adds $3 to $30 per square foot to the value of office space (Source:
  • Newer HVAC technologies improve health and safety conditions for occupants by managing moisture and reducing/eliminating airborne bacteria, mold, pollutants, and radon.
  • Increased employee productivity through the careful integration of natural and artificial light sources.

RENEW Energy Partners works with you to create healthier and more productive environments for the employees in your office buildings, resulting in increased profitability and energy savings for you. RENEW helps you select the most beneficial energy finance solution and project development option without the need for upfront capital. RENEW assists with:

  • Managing and funding 100% of the project from start to finish including assessment, design, equipment, installation, and maintenance costs
  • A turnkey solution that enables you to realize immediate savings and make facility improvements without the need for upfront capital, and without adding debt to the balance sheet
  • Balancing the dynamics of the deep energy retrofit process with highly specialized management skills to find ways to control and reduce costs, without any reduction in your facility’s service or quality
  • Upgrading outdated energy systems to improve your building’s health & safety levels and enhance the value of your property


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