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Cary Bullock, Senior Advisor

Cary has led numerous major energy technology and energy service companies. He co-founded Excelergy Corporation and Econoler/USA, was a founding member of FPL Services and NSP Power Services and was an owner of Xenergy Inc. In addition, he has helped launch several other companies that developed, built and financed major energy cost reduction projects for utilities and commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

His past leadership positions include Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Thermoenergy Corporation; Chief Executive Officer of ThermoEnergy Power Systems LLC; President of Castion Corporation; President and Chief Executive Officer of GreenFuel Technologies Corporation; Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Excelergy Corporation; President of KENETECH Energy Management; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Econoler/USA; and Vice President of Engineering and Operations of Xenergy.

In addition, Cary has served on numerous Boards of Directors of energy and investment related companies and has served as an advisor to many early stage companies. Mr. Bullock was named by Hart’s Energy Markets as one of the top 100 most influential industry leaders in the gas and electric industry in the 20th century.

He holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in physics from Amherst College.

Cary Bullock
Cary BullockSenior Advisor