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Jim Bittker, Program Director, RENEW It Now NY™

Jim is the Program Director of RENEW It Now NY™ and the point of contact for all inquiries pertaining to the Program.

Prior to launching RENEW It Now NY, Jim worked as an Outreach Specialist for NYSERDA and for many years as a hands-on, energy-efficiency solutions provider, working in New York State and commuting to California where he operated at the center of California’s energy efficiency revolution. Jim was a principal at TruBrite Energy Management, a company that delivered turnkey lighting retrofits to more than 10,000 commercial and industrial, governmental, and multifamily residential facilities. Customers included Federal Express, Walgreens, Iron Mountain, Lockheed Martin, Target, Diageo, Bank of America, Transwestern, US Bank, Wells Fargo, BRE Properties, Radio Shack and GameStop, as well as numerous municipalities and more than 40 California school districts. In recent years, Jim has provided hundreds of AIA CEU-credited NYSERDA presentations on energy efficiency to architectural, engineering, construction, and real estate professionals.

An experienced entrepreneur, Jim founded PubWeb and served as the first marketing, sales and business development executive at iUniverse, an innovative company that in 2012 was acquired by Pearson for $116 million. Jim also worked as an editor at McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, where economics Nobel-prize-winning author Paul Samuelson was among his authors. William Nordhaus, Samuelson’s co-author on their classic ECON 101 textbook, is today’s leading scholar on the economics of climate change.

Jim Bittker
Jim BittkerProgram Director, RENEW It Now NY™